About the Heath

Hampstead Heath is London’s largest ancient parkland, covering 790 acres. It sits astride a sandy ridge, which is one of the highest points in the city and is one of London’s favourite open spaces.

Over the centuries, Londoners have used the Heath as a source of inspiration yet in the 1800s it was nearly lost to developers who sought its green hills to build their villas and estates. Philanthropy triumphed and after a bitter fight, the land was donated to the people.

Heath Life takes this as its starting point, aiming to increase understanding of the Heath’s hidden history and raise awareness of the value of the Heath to all who use it today.

"What people who go to Hampstead Heath seek is not the formality of a London park, not the wide roads, not the kerbstones, not the gas lamps, not the levelled footpaths but something of the freer space where the wild flowers and meadow slopes may be seen in their natural condition."
The Times, 1871